How it Works

List Your Property,The Smart Way

Hotlist makes the Florida MLS listings accessible to property owners at a low, upfront price.

Experience The Hotlist Difference

Our platform puts your home selling process on auto pilot, making your property for selling experience hassle-free at a fraction of the price.

Everything On Your Terms

Hotlist gives property owners who list homes with Hotlist the freedom to control their entire home selling process at the touch of a button. We keep you in control from updating your listings to scheduling house visits.

Give Your Property More Exposure

At Hotlist, we don't stop at Florida MLS listings and put your property on all major real estate platforms such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and Realtor. We also share it on social media to help you attract more buyers and close faster.

Attract High-Value Buyers

Putting your property in front of potential buyers is not enough to secure a good deal. Unlike conventional Florida real estate brokers, we help you highlight the best features of your property with immersive virtual tours and list them at the best price. The result? A shorter time on the market and more money in your pocket.

Our Aminities

The Hotlist Advantage


Straight Listings

Skip the long waiting times and get a good deal. Our bespoke platform automates your entire flat fee MLS listing process without you having to break the bank.


Get Noticed Fast

We put your property MLS listings and all of Florida’s major property listing platforms, allowing you to attract more buyers and sell fast.


One Simple Rate

All our services start at a fixed flat fee so you never have to pay more than you should. The best part? You can choose the additional services you need to sell your property faster.


Research based service

Our services are based on market trends to ensure that you secure high-value buyers and get the best deals for your properties.

Discover How It Works


Join The Hotlist

Create a Hotlist account and choose a flat fee MLS listing package that works for you.


Tell About Property

Fill in the required details, upload the best pictures of your property and name your price.


Information Is Right

Once you submit your property information, we will review it, create a copy of your listing and send it to you


Make Things Official

We will send you your Florida flat fee MLS listing agreement which you can digitally sign from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

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